I did NOT want to join Empower Network!

First off, let me start by saying that I tried REALLY hard to NOT join Empower Network when it first launched. I must have been pitched a gazzilion times, and everytime I would politely say “thanks but no thanks”.

Now it wasn’t because I thought anything was wrong with the company, that it was a scam, or that there wasn’t money to be made however.

Quite the contrary actually! I love David Wood and have been quietly (and not so quietly) stalking him since he first hit the scene a few years back. I was even on his team in a former primary company, and I’ve met him a couple of times in person. So I think he’s a super smart stand up guy who truly believes in helping his people.

I also knew that there was plenty of money to be made not only because I could see the leaders rising to the top with huge commissions, but also because I knew that the products were sure to be top notch. Therefore it wasn’t a far leap to think that people would be lining up, money in hand, to get ahold of them.

So after all that, you might be thinking why in the world I didn’t want to join Empower Network a year ago. I mean, I’d have to be crazy not to see the potential right?

Well the simple answer is that I wasn’t ready to go all in on anything!

You see, I’ve been marketing online off and on for almost 3 years now,  and over those 3 years I’ve made some very good money, and I’ve made nothing at all. I’ve had $1000 days and I’ve gone long stretches where I didn’t make a dime. I’ve run a successful personal blog, sold affiliate products, promoted primary network marketing companies, and sold products I created myself, and after all of that I was completely burnt out!

Desperately needed a break, I basically quit marketing online all together in the beginning of 2011. At about the time Empower Network was launching I was just starting to reconsider that decision, but I wasn’t ready to “go all in” again as it were. I was basically doubting not only myself, but also my abilities to succeed period.

So because of me dragging my feet and not being mentally prepared to truly commit to building my business again, I essentially wasted an entire year that I could have been making the kind of money I deserve.

Take it from me folks, things are not always going to feel 100% right and the stars may not always feel completely aligned. But I promise that if you don’t get started from where you are , you’ll never get to where you want to be.

So today I decided to stop being a wussie, roll up my sleaves, and get back into the game.

I’d love it if you’d decide today to come with me on this journey as well, and lets make the last half of 2012 the best it can possibly be.

Talk soon,


P.S. If you’re ready to stop being a wussie and want to join me for what will be a truly amazing ride, go ahead and click here now!


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